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Our Payment Policy

At V Preston Builders  we do not require a deposit before commencement of any building works. Payments for the works to be carried out will become due at key stages after successful inspection carried out by the local authority. At all times we endeavor to work to your satisfaction and would stress that payment must be met after each key stage is completed before the next stage of works as per following schedule would be undertaken, as per company policy.

For Example :-

Payments would be due at the following key stages:

Stage 1:- Completion of Over site to DPC level

Stage 2:- Completion of first lift (Ground Floor)

Stage 3:- Completion of Plate Height

Stage 4:- Completion of Roof

Stage 5:- Completion of building work (inc. plastering, site clearance)

A detailed breakdown of amounts due for payment after each stage will be determined as works progress and shall not exceed the amount estimated  for total completion of works. Any extra works that may be requested during building will be priced accordingly


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